To enjoy the benefits of the, you are not required to use us as your insurance broker. partners with other advising firms but they must be approved as a 5Gadvisor firm prior to marketing as such. Having 5G Benefits, LLC as your broker of record on insurance policies (or a 5Gadvisor partner) will maximize your experience with our company for integrated benefits communication, HR technology solutions, and access to 5Gclinics/5Genrollers. If you wisely choose 5G Benefits, LLC as your broker of record, here are some things to know:

  • We operate our health insurance agency and brokerage business under the name 5G Benefits, LLC. Tony Goebel, the founder of 5G Benefits, is the licensed agent/broker/producer.
  • 5G Benefits earns commissions from the sale of insurance products or when partnered with another 5Gadvising firm overrides. Commission rates are set by the insurance companies, based upon the health insurance industry commission rates in your market. 5G Benefits also gets paid from consulting fees paid directly by businesses for the time our team members spend coordinating different projects. Consulting fees vary based on the scope of the project and if we have partnerships with TPAs, carriers, and other vendors. Before you use 5G Benefits for insurance services, we may be required to ask you to affirmatively acknowledge that your access to 5G Benefits has been offered and received without any condition that you use for insurance services.
  • In addition, we may be required by law to charge separate fees and costs when our clients use certain of the more complex functions available on
  • This may vary on a state-by-state basis because the insurance laws are different in certain states. We will explain all of that to you as you decide to take full advantage of your ability to integrate and manage all your HR functions through
  • As noted in our Terms of Service, accounts are subject to termination for any valid legal or business reasons. In certain states, including California, accounts that customers elect to use to access and administer insurance, by appointing 5G Benefits as broker of record, may be subject to termination at 5G Benefits’ sole discretion if you subsequently appoint a different agency as your broker/agent of record, or otherwise terminate the use of 5G Benefits for insurance services. We will notify you if we elect to terminate your account following your decision to obtain insurance services from another insurance broker.
  • 5G Benefits is committed to operating its business in strict compliance with all insurance laws and regulations, and we pride ourselves on our unique ability to serve all of your HR needs while complying with all legal requirements.