Custom Wellness Plans to Keep Your Employees Healthy

Corporate wellness is growing due to so many companies moving towards self-funded health plans. 5G Benefits is at the forefront of integrating corporate wellness plans. Our 5Gclinics provide in person consultation and we partner with carriers and vendors to offer tons of quality programs.

We have invested heavily in our 5Gclinics for in-person acute care for your employees, but it doesn’t stop there! We implement all sorts of programs that keep employees happy, healthy, and safe. Our goal is to increase employee productivity and morale, which will drive more profits for you and lower your benefits expenses. It truly is a Win Win!

Here are some wellness programs we can incorporate into your company:

  • 5Gclinic memberships
    • Acute Care
    • Health Coaching
    • Chronic Disease Management
    • Flu Shots
    • Sports Physicals
    • Smoking Sensation Campaigns
  • Wellness Assistance
    • Monthly Wellness Newsletters
    • Health Risk Assessments
    • Biometric Screenings
    • Eating Healthy/Nutrition
    • Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)
    • Smoking Sensation classes
    • Risk Management & Loss Control
    • 8-12 Week Wellness Campaigns
    • Wellness Challenges
    • Fitness / Personal Training
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