Our 5Genrollers Are Your Open Enrollment Experts!

Our 5Genrollers can enroll employees in benefits no matter what way you choose. We offer all the tools to take as much off the plates of your HR staff as possible. We have our own 5G Benefits enrollment platforms which can coordinate all your benefits including health, voluntary, 401k, and more! When you choose to work with 5G Benefits, you decide how you’d like us to enroll employees in your benefits:

  • Paper enrollments
  • One-on-One enrollments
  • Online enrollments

Many businesses don’t offer a well-rounded benefits package because they fear it will be an administrative nightmare. Much of the work falls on YOU for benefits communication. As a client of a 5G Benefits, 5Genrollers are there to handle most of the work for you.

5Genrollers will handle:

  • Benefit Handouts / Employee Meetings
  • Explaining the Benefits Offered
  • Taking Benefit Elections
  • Coordinating Payroll deductions to HR
  • Notifying Carriers
  • Handling New / Terminated Employees
  • And more!

As the owner or HR manager, you choose with your 5G Benefits Advisor which benefits you want elected and our 5Genrollers interact with your HR team and employees for integrated benefits communication to your employees. With a proper unified benefits communication program, our clients feel open enrollment is a breeze! It also opens the door to offering additional Voluntary/Worksite Benefits, which are taking off due to the health insurance world changing.

You tell us what employee information to collect, including:

  • Updated Contact Info
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Employee #, Laptop #, etc
  • Documents/W-4/I-9
  • Wellness Incentive Tracking
  • Safety Incentive Tracking

  • Medical Insurance
  • 401k/SIMPLE Plans
  • HSA / FSA elections
  • Life Insurance
  • Dependent Life Insurance
  • AD&D
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Short-Term Disability
  • Long-Term Disability
  • Long-Term Care

  • Accident Plans
  • Cancer/Critical Illness
  • Medical Bridge Plans
  • Hospital Plans
  • Identity Theft
  • Legal Plans
  • Travel
  • Auto/Home Insurance

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